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Taleek Brooks, Easter Bunny at School, Pleads Guilty of Filming Boy in Sex Act

A school aide in Brooklyn has admitted to recording an 11-year-old boy performing a sex act in a classroom.

Taleek Brooks worked at Public School 243 and dressed up as an Easter Bunny to entertain the children. He will go on trial February 25 in Brooklyn Federal Court, meaning he does not have to testify publicly.

“I was responsible for the filming of a minor masturbating,” Brooks, 41, said.

He also was responsible for distributing another image of child pornography on the Internet, though he was not responsible for producing it.

He is facing state charges of molestation.

A photo of him dressed as a white bunny has been removed from the school’s website.

A plea agreement states Brooks will face 15 to 50 years in jail after his sentencing on May 23 by Brooklyn Federal Judge Roslynn Mauskopf.

If he is convicted by the state, the sentencing could be consecutive to federal jail time.

While investigating Brooks, the FBI found he was frequently engaging in chat rooms with other people interested in sex with minors. He said he preferred “black boys 10 years old and older.”

FBI officials found 1,000 of pornographic images of children on his computer before they discovered the videos of him sexually abusing children inside the school.

There was one video of him touching a child’s genitals, and another video of him spanking a naked child.

Authorities believe both of these events occurred in a classroom.

Brooks also used to work at an after school program though the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club.

Dennis Walcott, Schools Chancellor, said he met with school staff immediately after the charges.

“As chancellor, and as a father, I am horrified and disgusted at the charges we learned of today from the FBI,” Walcott said. “Our paramount concern is for the safety of our students, and we are cooperating fully with the federal authorities as they continue their investigation.”



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