Call The Police If You Find These $100 Bills (Photo)


Fake $100 bills are popping up in wallets across the country, and authorities are advising people to look out for counterfeit money.

Investigators in Citrus County, Florida, advised residents to check their wallets and cash registers for bogus money after several reports came in.

“We know a lot of it was passed, we have a lot of victims that haven't come forward yet that may not even be aware they took in the counterfeit bills,” Citrus County Sheriff's Office Detective Chris Holloway told WFTS. The fake money was being manufactured for over a month, with one of the locations being at a local motel. 

Two individuals, Tiffany Coldsnow and Lelton Brown, were arrested on counterfeiting charges after they reportedly used it to pay rent at the motel.

“The money we are investigating right now is made in an unsophisticated way. It wasn't using special paper or anything like that,” Holloway said. Crime scene photographs of the motel room showed a printer, ink cartridges and discarded fake bills in the trash.

A similar incident occurred in Gwinnett County, Georgia, where fake money that's usually used in movies was used twice to purchase cars from private sellers.

“Under the cover of darkness he got me,” David Tolbert, who sold his 2006 Volvo and was paid in fake money, told WAGA. 39-year-old Joseph DeAngelo Lamb used fake money to buy the car from Tolbert and his fiancee. 

“He told us that he had a dealership, that he sold cars, that he could bring temporary plates and put them on there,” he said. “He actually left and came back that evening to do so.”

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Lamb, along with 21-year-old Dominic Darnell Mayberry, used an app to find the car and made the purchase later that same day, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The sale was finalized with $2,000 in counterfeit bills. After Lamb and Mayberry left, Tolbert’s fiancee noticed that the bills were fake.

The incident came after other reports of counterfeit purchases in the area, including one at a Wal-Mart in which the suspect is still at large. Movie money is being used as counterfeit cash in other parts of the country as well, with Your Nation News reporting on cases popping up in eastern Tennessee. 

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Sources: Your Nation News, WFTS, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, WAGA / Photo credit: Your Nation News, WAGA

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