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Take A Look At The Cake A Mom Gave Her Son's Girlfriend After She Caught Them Having Sex (Photo)

As a teenager, getting walked in on by your parents while you’re having some fun with a significant other is the stuff of nightmares.

Aside from the deep, deep embarrassment you feel in that moment, you know there’s a terribly awkward talk coming your way later, too. No fun.

But for one Reddit user the whole experience wasn’t so bad. Instead of punishment or safe sex talks, his mom baked his girlfriend a cake. Seriously.

Days after his mother walked in on him “dry humping” his girlfriend, she made his female friend a cake saying “Sorry we caught you dry humping our son – we still love you!”

Here it is:

Image placeholder title

As embarrassing as that is for our reddit user’s girlfriend, it could have been a whole lot worse. The Reddit user says his mom wanted to organize a flash mob and present the cake to the girl at work. 

Source: RedditMetro


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