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Monster Crocodile Seen In Australian River: Video

A huge crocodile has been spotted in a river in the Northern Territories, Australia, by Outback Wrangler Matt Wright (video below).

The crocodile could hardly be seen due to its camouflage but Wright noticed it as it came out of the water, Daily Mail reported.

“Look at that big boy. Battered and bruised,” Wright says in the video, the Mail reported.

Wright indicated that he thinks the reptile is injured.

“Not a bad size crocodile. Look at the size of that fella,” he adds.

The crocodile was estimated to be 12 feet in length.

“[I was] coming down, fishing here, trying to get a barramundi, and look who comes wandering down here. He is a monster,” says Wright.

He posted about the incident on his Facebook page.

“This big fella's trying a little white water rafting without the raft,” wrote Wright.

He added a warning to everyone close to rivers and other bodies of water during Australia’s dry season.

“Remember big crocs are traveling around this time of year, even in the nicest cleanest springs, [so] be careful and be croc wise,” wrote Wright.

Wright is the star of National Geographic’s show "Outback Wrangler." Season two of the series premiered in the U.S. Jan. 13.

In December, Wright invited a group of U.S. journalists to his Northern Territories home to promote the show.

“Matt’s life is just so authentic. He’s even more ridiculous in person,” said Molly Mulrain of National Geographic, according to

Wright showed the assembled writers how he relocated a 13.5-foot crocodile from a rescue pond back into the wild.

“[He put this old] door in the pool and he was standing on it, but he kept slipping into the water which was so murky you couldn’t see where the crocodile was. I was so nervous for him, I actually thought he was going to die,” Mulrain added.

Wright has a history of dealing with large crocodiles, having helped catch a massive one estimated at 16.5 feet in length in 2009. He posted a picture of the animal in February 2016.

Sources: Daily Mail, / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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