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Nevada Murder Suspect On The Loose

A murder suspect in Nevada is on the loose after pulling off a shocking escape from police custody.

On Sept. 2, 25-year-old Alonso Perez was brought into the North Las Vegas Police Department's detective bureau on suspicion of murder. Perez was handcuffed and, after hours of questioning, left alone in the interrogation room.

It was then that Perez managed to break his metal handcuffs and escape. North Las Vegas Police spokesman Aaron Patty told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Perez “turned the handcuffs until he broke free and escaped the building.”

The homicide suspect proceeded to steal a white Ford pickup truck, fleeing the scene. The vehicle was discovered abandoned the next day.

“I’ve never seen anything like in my career here,” Patty told NBC News, referencing Perez’s miraculous feat of breaking his handcuffs.

Perez is a suspect in the Aug. 27 murder of 31-year-old Mohammed Robinson, who was shot outside a Las Vegas McDonald’s restaurant. Allegedly, Perez killed Robinson during an altercation after the victim failed to hold open a door for a woman.

The victim’s sister, Maggie Robinson, is livid that Perez could evade capture.

“How can you let him escape?” Robinson told KSNV. “I don’t understand it at all ... You are interviewing a murder suspect, so you mean you couldn’t have another person there?”

Patty acknowledged the Robinson family’s anger over Perez’s escape but maintains that the detectives who had been interrogating him were not at fault.

“Believe me, this is the last thing we wanted to happen,” Patty said. “We located him. We apprehended him. This wasn’t something intentional.”

Perez is described as a Hispanic man who is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 200 pounds. He has black hair, brown eyes and was last seen sporting a goatee. He has a 3-inch “Air Jordan” logo on the left side of his neck.

Robinson wants to see her brother’s killer brought to justice.

“They say you do the crime, you do the time,” Robinson said. “You need to pay for what you did.”

Patty cautions anyone who comes into contact with Perez to not confront him and instead call North Las Vegas Police. The spokesman also wants the Robinson family to know that law enforcement is also angered by the homicide suspect’s shocking escape.

“I can understand their frustration -- we’re just as frustrated ourselves,” Patty said. “But the bigger focus is: We have a homicide suspect on the loose.”

Sources: NBC News, KSNV, Las Vegas Review-Journal / Photo credit: NLVPD/Twitter

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