Taiwanese Student Stuffs Cat in Jar, Charged with Animal Abuse (Video)


Taiwanese college student Kiki Lin was charged with animal cruelty after she posted pictures on Facebook of her cat squished inside of a jar.

The picture shows her cat inside a glass jar with its face pressed up against the container, clearly upset.

Many took to Lin’s Facebook page after she posted the image, calling her an animal abuser. Lin responded by saying posters had too much time on their hands.

Lin, an English major at Taichung’s Providence University, said she was experimenting with different ways to transport the cat. She said she had only tried it once, but that it didn’t work because the cat couldn’t fit in a bag.

When asked to defend herself to those who called her an animal abuser, Lin responded defiantly.

“I only have three words for them, ha ha ha,” she said.

After conducting an investigation, the Taichung City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office charged Lin with animal protection law violations. If found guilty of the charge, she could face a hefty fine and up to one year in prison.

Sources: DailyMail, Metro


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