Taiwanese Fugitive Wu Arrested Because of ‘Wanted’ T-Shirt


A Taiwanese fugitive, identified only by his surname Wu, was arrested because police were curious about the word "Wanted" on his T-shirt. Wu, who claimed to not understand English, was, in fact, wanted on drug abuse charges.

He was arrested last week in Huwei, a town in the southern country of Yunlin, a police spokesman said.

The officer whose suspicions were aroused by the shirt didn’t know much more English than Wu, but he knew enough. The police officer who first approached Wu passed an elementary-level nationwide English proficiency test, according to France 24.

After questioning Wu, the cop checked on his status in the police computer system. The check revealed that Wu was, in fact, a wanted man, which led to his arrest.

The T-shirt was a gift from Wu’s son. He told police that he would not have worn it had he known what "Wanted" meant.

Sources: France 24, The News Tribe


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