Taiwan Man Trapped In Coffin 4 Days Rescued


A man in central Taiwan spent four days in a disinterred grave before police rescued him on Thursday.

Chien awoke from a drunken sleep to find himself in total darkness. When he felt around in the dark, he guessed that he was contained in a coffin, given the wooden walls. He tried to open the lid by pushing his hands and kness against it, but he found it impossible.

For four days Chien experienced dehydration and was bitten by insects. He used a plastic bag found in his pocket to catch his urine and drink it. At one point, a storm brought rain that drizzled into the grave, which he was able to drink.

Around noon on Thursday, a couple walking through the graveyard heard a faint cry for help. In shock, they called police, who found Chien and removed him from the grave.

Chien gave conflicting accounts of how he stumbled into the grave. In one version of his story, Chien said that “friends” had placed him into the empty grave and closed the lid in place. In another version, Chien claimed that he had stumbled drunk into the grave, but gave no explanation for the closed lid.

Chien was brought to the hospital where he was declared to be in stable condition.

Sources: China Times, Shanghaiist


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