Taipei Woman Discovers Bizarre Reason For Her Chronic Stomach Pain


A Taipei woman was shocked to discover that the stomach pains she’d been having for the last six months were caused by a pen.

Shing Fang, 20, went to a hospital earlier this week after the pains she’d been having became so unbearable that she couldn’t eat. Her general physician previously said the pains were caused by depression.

At the hospital, the staff performed an endoscopy and found a long, hard object in her stomach. They ordered an x-ray to get a picture of the object, and discovered Fang was housing a pen in her body.

Here’s the x-ray image:

Image placeholder title

Doctors removed the pen immediately and said that, if left in her stomach, it could have led to peritonitis and possibly death.

Fang said she had no recollection of ever swallowing the pen. She said it could have happened on a drunken night of celebrations following an exam six months ago.

I guess getting drunk and swallowing pens is a thing in Taipei. 

Sources: Daily Star, MailOnline


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