Tailgater Gets A Crash Course In Karma (Video)


Video has been released showing a car crash as a result of tailgating (video below).

The dashcam video shows a black SUV closely following other cars on the highway when abruptly, the car in front brake-checks, causing the tailgater to swerve off the road.

The tailgater loses control of his car, sliding into a grassy median in the middle of the highway and crashes into a pole before hitting the crash barriers.

The incident occurred on March 10 in Little Chute, Wisconsin, at around 7 a.m., on Interstate 41, according to TheBlaze.

There were no injuries and authorities are still trying to find the car in front, says Fox Valley Metro Police.

"The No. 1 thing we're seeing right now is people that are following other vehicles too closely," said State Patrol Trooper Jennifer Austin. "You have to remember that you have to maintain enough stopping distance, enough time to be able to react to what is going on in front of you,” Wisconsin State Patrol told WGBA.

Tailgating is a huge problem on highways and often happens near the Little Chute area. Wisconsin authorities do not encourage brake-checking, according to WGBA. Austin says if a driver is seriously concerned, he or she should call police to report a belligerent driver.

Sources: TheBlaze, WGBA / Photo credit: WGBA via TheBlaze

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