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Tacoma Elephants Sanctuary-Bound?

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Washington State's Port Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is poised to join 14 other U.S. zoos that have closed or are phasing out their elephant exhibits. The zoo is in the middle of discussions about the future of 48-year-old Hanako and 47-year-old Suki, the two female Asian elephants kept in the zoo.

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Elephants have complex needs that simply cannot be met within the cramped confines of a zoo. Elephants need lots of space and stimulation as well as the company and companionship of other elephants. A reputable sanctuary can provide Suki and Hanako with all that and more.

If you live near Tacoma, please let zoo officials know that you strongly support transferring Hanako and Suki to a reputable sanctuary.

Written by Jennifer O'Connor


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