Taco Bell Manager Claims She Was Fired for Hiring Hispanic Worker


Taco Bell recently fired Juanita O'Connell, a Mexican-American general manager, who claims she was booted out after she hired a Hispanic at her Indiana restaurant.

In a federal lawsuit that O'Connell has filed against the fast-food giant, she claims a Taco Bell Company Operations Leader, Mark Lewis, saw a Latino employee working at her store and said, "Didn't I tell you not to hire Hispanics?"

O'Connell, 60, has worked at Taco Bell since 1987, notes Courthouse News.

Two weeks later, a Taco Bell area "coach," Bryan Smith, allegedly asked misleading questions about her store, and then fired O'Connell on the claim that she had violated the Taco Bell Manager Code and had a violation on an immigrant work authorization form, says the former worker's lawsuit.

“[O'Connell] does have a witness who was present when [Lewis] made that statement,” O'Connell's lawyer, Joel Paul, told ThinkProgress.com.

O'Connell's lawsuit also claims that Taco Bell violated Title VII, which bans employment discrimination, because the company treated her differently than male non-Hispanic employees.

Sources: Courthouse NewsThinkProgress.com (Image Credit: DXPG)


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