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'How Dare They Put Me Through This': T-Mobile Does Not Close Woman's Deceased Husband's Account

U.K. woman Maria Raybould is furious with mobile carrier T-Mobile. Raybould, 56, says the company made her jump through a ridiculous number of hoops to cancel the contract of her deceased husband.

Raybould told the Telegraph she was threatened with bailiffs and steep cancellation fees when she told T-Mobile about her husband’s death. The company was reluctant to cancel her husband’s contract even after she brought in multiple items proving his death.

"I've been up to the shop with the death certificate, with a letter from the crematorium, the funeral bills – even his ashes," she said. “I took in everything I could. I lost it in the shop. I gave them 20 minutes to sort it out. I went outside and had a panic attack.”

Raybould says the shop’s manager assured her following the visit that her husband’s contract was terminated. A few days later, though, more T-Mobile letters and texts addressed to him started coming in.

"It's gone downhill since then,” she told the Telegraph. “I've had texts since then asking if David wanted to pay an extra £2.50 for broadband and letters saying that bailiffs would be coming."

Raybould is understandably furious with the company.

"How dare they put me and my sons through this after all we have been through already,” she said. "I wouldn't want anyone to go through what we have gone through over the last few months. It was easier for us to bury him than sort this out."

A T-Mobile spokesperson confirmed to the Telegraph that Raybould’s account has finally been closed.

"We apologise to Mrs Raybould for any distress caused at this difficult time,” the spokesperson said. “We can confirm that the account has been closed and the balance cleared."

Sources: The Telegraph, MailOnline / Photo Credit: Geographic UK, Media Wales/The Telegraph


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