Syrian Boy Saves Girl From A Hail of Gunfire


Move over, Superman! An unidentified Syrian boy is being hailed as a hero for dodging bullets to save a little girl trapped by a sniper. Shaam News Network channel posted a YouTube video on Monday that shows a boy, who may be younger than 10-years-old, running across a bullet-riddled street to a young girl hiding behind a burned-out truck.

The boy appears to briefly plays possum, dropping to the ground before he can make it to the girl, but he resumed his rescue mission as soon as the bullets stopped. The boy made it to the girl, grabbed her hand and, almost miraculously, they both escaped unharmed.

According to their website, The Shaam News Network is a television channel run by pro-rebel Syrian activists stationed in Damascus. Many YouTube users praised the boy’s actions. Saud Helal wrote: “A smart boy, strategies [acquired] by living the wars.”

Other people are suspicious of how truthful the video is. David V said “[The boy] gets shot in the chest, falls to the ground, then revives himself enough to save the girl. I'm not saying it's fake, but there's something strange about it.” Others contested that the fall was fake to begin with.

Sources: New York Post

Image via YouTube


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