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Syracuse University Pulls Kiss Cam After Man Says It Encourages Sexual Assault (Video)

Syracuse University in New York pulled its kiss cam after one man complained that it promotes sexual assaults against women (video below).

The kiss cam at the Carrier Dome scans the crowd for couples during game delays, and people can choose whether or not kiss, which is broadcast on a Jumbotron, notes WIVB.

Steve Port stated in a letter to on Sept. 18 that he saw two women being forcibly kissed by men on the kiss cam during a football game on Sept. 12.

Port insisted that both times the men and women were "clearly not a couple," but did not provide any evidence besides his recollection.

Port added: "The instances I witnessed at the game encourage and condone sexual assault and a sense of male entitlement, at best. And they are an actual instance of assault, at worst."

"No one has the right to forcefully touch someone be it a hug, a kiss or a violent rape. I adamantly insist that Syracuse University student government, the chancellor, the athletic director, etc. review what happened last weekend and seriously consider the ramifications of what they are encouraging."

Port's letter went viral on the web, however, other people questioned his version of events, notes Additionally, there were no reports of sexual assaults.

Port told the Associated Press on Sept. 22:

Honestly, I wasn't out to kill the kiss cam. I was just out to raise an important issue that I saw happening and that's important to me. I've always kind of been a little put off by it anyway, but never witnessed an actual act of, oh, my God, this woman is saying no and it didn't matter.

However, in his letter, Port did far more than "raise an important issue." He claimed that sexual assaults had been committed and/or were being encouraged by those at the highest levels at Syracuse University.

"We are taking the time to assess the concerns expressed in the letter to the editor," Sue Edson, executive senior associate athletics director for communications, told via email. "We discussed this with POMCO, the sponsor, and they supported that approach."

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