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Symposium on Animal Cognition

A scientific symposium on animal cognition at UCLA.

How Like Us Are They? Human and Nonhuman Primate Cognition

Feb 4th, 2011, UCLA, Rolfe Hall 1200.

Nonhuman primates are our closest relatives. In what ways are their minds similar to ours? In what ways are they different? What do our best theories of evolutionary biology, cognitive ethology, and behavioral psychology tell us about the minds of these primates? What aspects of the minds of animals are accessible to scientific study and what are the limitations? Are the current cognitive abilities attributed to primates the best explanations of their behaviors, or are scientists making unwarranted inferences based on outmoded folk psychological concepts? Do animals understand the intentions of conspecifics? Do they show what one may consider altruistic and emphatic behavior? Can they plan for the future? Do they understand sophisticated aspects of their own and others' existence like mortality? This symposium examines these questions.

Participants: Clive Wynne, moderator (University of Florida).  Speakers: Dale Jamieson (NYU), Dan Dennett (Tufts), Marc Bekoff (Univ.Colorado), Derek Penn (Univ. Louisiana and UCLA), Daniel Povinelli (Univ. Louisiana) and Sally Bosden (Ohio State).

Registration:  This is a ticketed event.  Registration fee is $35;  $20 with a current student ID.

Tickets will be available for purchase beginning January 19 through the Campus Ticket Office (CTO) by phone (310-825-2101) or at the CTO window (James West Alumni Center, next to parking lot 6 and Pauley Pavilion).   Tickets will also be available on site until maximum occupancy is reached on a first-come first-served basis.


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