Sylvia Miller, 82, Chases Down Purse Snatcher

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MANSFIELD, OH -- Sylvia Miller may be 82 years old, but this remarkable lady just taught a purse snatcher that age doesn't necessarily make someone an easy target.

When the woman grabbed Sylvia’s purse on March 27 and ran, Sylvia sprinted after her. "We had to cross the parking lot, over a street and down the hill, through briars. I just got my first adrenaline, my second, my third, and she couldn't run away, so she just sat down," Sylvia told reporters.

Sylvia says she works out every day, seals and stains her wood deck. She does all the maintenance on her house and upkeep on her car. So it isn't surprising that she wasn't going to give up her purse without a fight.

Sylvia was in the garden center at Walmart in Mansfield, Ohio, on Wednesday, buying grass seed and penetrating oil, when she noticed that three women seemed to be following her around the store and walked out behind her into the parking lot.

The spry octogenarian had just finished putting her purchases in her car when one of the women grabbed her purse from behind and ran, she told FOX News.

The theft made Sylvia so angry that she took off sprinting after the young thief through the parking lot, across a nearby field and a thorny patch  brush before she caught her. “…she couldn't run away, so she just sat down," Sylvia told reporters.

When Sylvia demanded her purse back, the thief told her she didn't have it anymore. But a witness had seen the thief toss it into a sewer and forced the woman to fish it out and give it back to its rightful owner.

"I had just a little bit over $100 my son had just given me and all my credit cards," Sylvia told NBC News, "I wasn't afraid one bit. I didn't even think about it. I thought you're not getting away with it.

Miller has a warning for any other purse snatchers who may think just because she's a senior she's an easy mark for crime. "You can steal someone's reputation, you can steal out of the store, but you cannot steal an 82-year-old woman's purse and get away with it." 

No arrests have been made yet, because in all the excitement, the thief got away. But Sylvia is determined to see her assailant behind bars so no one else will become a victim.


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