Sydney Woman Calls Asian Passenger A 'Gook' (Video)


Police arrested Sydney woman Sue Wilkins after a video of her emerged online in which she called an Asian woman a “gook," among other things.

The video footage features passengers on a subway train during peak hour near the suburb of Strathfield. Kareem Abdul, who filmed the incident, said he began documenting the ride when Wilkins became aggressive towards a group of young children who refused to give up their seats for her.

After screaming expletives at the children, who finally stand, Wilkins directs her attention to a man and an Asian woman sitting opposite her.

“Look at this bogan here. He’s got a gook,” Wilkins said. “Isn’t it sad he can’t get a regular girl? He’s got to get an Asian.”

The woman tries to defend herself, but Wilkins only continues hurling insults. She stretches her eyes and attempts to mimic the woman’s accent.

“What’s wrong with Hong Kong?" Wilkins said. "Why did you come to our country?”

At this point in the video, other passengers begin to complain about Wilkins’ behavior, yet she seems unfazed by their chastisement. The man sitting next to the Asian woman stipulates that she is not his girlfriend, then defends her.

In an interview with NineMSN, Wilkins said she had no excuse for her behavior and that she was embarrassed by the footage uploaded online. Wilkins added that it hurts when someone calls her white trash or fatso, and that she should know better than to call others names.

Wilkins was arrested Thursday night after being questioned at a Central Coast police station.

After news of the incident surfaced, Transport for New South Wales tweeted that it won’t tolerate threats to customers and that NSW police are working to keep customers safe.

Sources: DailyMail, The Guardian


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