Sydney Cafe Hostage Update: Terrorists’ Sign Reads ‘There Is No God But Allah’


Several gunmen took a group of people hostage in a Sydney café on Sunday. Although a confirmed number of hostages is not available, multiple reports cite at least 13 people being held. Two of the hostages were immediately forced up to a window and ordered to hold an Islamic flag.

A terror expert appearing on 7 News said the flag belonged to the organization Jabah Al-Nusra, however, that has not yet officially been confirmed.

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According to the New York Daily News, the Islamic flag that the hostages are holding up has the following text on it:

“There is no God but Allah.”

An image of one of the men inside was captured by 7 News and can be seen below:

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Local authorities are currently working on defusing the situation. It has been reported by multiple sources that at least one of the men inside was using a young café worker as a human shield.

7 News also reported that "The Sydney cafe siege may be part of a larger plot," but has yet to elaborate on that. 

We will continue to update this story as more information comes in.  

Sources: NY Daily News, 7 News Sydney, ABC / Photo Credit: NY Daily News


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