Swiss Study Reveals Cannabis Users Are More Health Literate Than Non-Users


A new study conducted by the University of Zurich in Switzerland revealed that male cannabis users are more informed about health-related issues concerning the drug than non-users. The study was the first of its kind to reveal such information.

Users are more informed, reported the International Journal of Public Health, because they do more research and have a better ability to understand the information. The heavier someone uses the drug, the more likely he is to obtain information about it.

The university surveyed 11,930 Swiss males between August 2010 and July 2011, and each man was asked to complete a questionnaire. The questions included the use of three substances and three components of health literacy.

The study also revealed that most users turn to the Internet as a source of information, not newspapers or magazines. Considering the average age of survey takers was 19, it is unsurprising that the Internet was the primary source of information.

The same test was applied to alcohol and tobacco users, though they were less likely to understand health literacy pertaining to those substances. attributed the knowledge of cannabis users to the “relative safety” associated with the substance. Cannabis users, therefore, tend to be people who maker safer and smarter choices.

Sources: The Joint Blog, Truth on Pot


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