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Swiss Nurse Investigated After Pictures Surface of her Smiling Next to Corpse

A Swiss nurse is under investigation after she posted pictures of herself on Facebook next to a dead elderly woman.

The woman’s pictures were revealed on Friday by 20 Minuten newspaper, which included an image of the nurse laughing and smiling by a dead woman, who apparently died in a care home. She also made some disturbing comments.

The newspaper did not reveal the faces of the woman or the deceased.

A national nurses’ federation said it was “shocked and saddened” by the nurse from Saint Gallen.

Prosecutors said they were conducting a criminal investigation into the nurse, whose name has not been released.

Upon inspecting her Facebook page further, authorities found she had posted Satanist imagery, including a picture of her standing in front of an ambulance, on a motorbike, in sado-masochist poses.

The Saint Gallen’s nurses’ federation said the case highlights greater concerns about the Swiss healthcare sector.

“To be able to prevent the repeat of such a case, there is a desperate need for an active professional register and attractive working conditions to counteract the acute shortage of staff,” they said.

“Whether this was a qualified nurse, a professional carer or a simple assistant, it is clear that people like this should not be in the health sector.”



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