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Swiss Man Set $245,000 Ferrari On Fire So His Rich Dad Would Buy Him A Newer One

A rich Swiss man wanted a new car so badly he set fire to his $245,000 Ferrari, reports NY Daily News.

The 20-year-old’s millionaire father bought him the Ferrari 458 Italia to add to his 14-car collection. His father bought all the cars for the young man, including a Lamborghini, but that apparently wasn’t enough.

The son, who received a $10,000 monthly allowance and had a property portfolio worth an estimated $30 million, told the court that his funds had run dry, and he was too scared to tell his father that he disliked the car.

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In March 2014, the young man, who was 19 at the time, had the Ferrari appraised, reports 20 Minutes. To his disappointment, it was only worth roughly $192,000 at that time, which would not be enough to upgrade to the newer model he really wanted.

According to his testimony, the man spoke to a car dealer who recommended he commit insurance fraud and destroy his 3-year-old sports car, so he would get a larger payout and be able to afford a shinier, newer Ferrari.

The desperate Ferrari owner paid three accomplices $15,000 to set his car on fire in a secluded spot in Augsbourg, southern Germany; meanwhile, the son relaxed at a nearby massage parlor with a friend, to make sure that he had his alibi taken care of.

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Unfortunately for the young man, he overlooked one important detail, and nearby security cameras caught the whole incident on tape, which, combined with his phone records, revealed that the man and his accomplices were behind the arson.

Authorities promptly arrested the Swiss man and the rest of his group in their home country and took them into custody in Germany, near where they had committed the crime.

The spoiled son was released on approximately $221,000 bail and sat trial.

After the court case concluded last week, the man was sentenced to 22 months of probation and fined $32,000.

Sources:NY Daily News, 20 Minutes / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons (2)


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