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Swiss Hostage Held Captive By Islamist Extremists Escapes, Cuts Captor's Throat

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Lorenzo Vinciguerra, a Swiss man who had been held captive by Islamist extremists in the Philippines for two years, escaped by reportedly slitting his captor’s throat during what the Daily Mail describes as a “clash between insurgents and governments troops in the southern Philippines.”

Vinciguerra, along with Dutch photographer Ewold Horn, was taken hostage after traveling to the southern Philippines in February of 2012 for a bird-watching trip. Vinciguerra and Horn’s kidnappers were members of the Abu Sayyaf terrorist group.

According to reports, gunfire began to break out in the area where the men were being held, prompting Vinciguerra to attempt an escape. A brief wrestle with a guard led to him securing a machete and cutting the guard’s throat. Vinciguerra was then able to escape his abductors, despite being wounded on left cheek during the incident. A commander with the army’s Joint Task Force said that Vinciguerra “dashed while other bandits were shooting at him.”

The Swiss photographer is said to have shouted for Horn to follow him, but Horn was too sick and weak to move. The foreign ministry in Switzerland has acknowledged Horn’s continued capture, saying they greatly regret that he was not able to escape. Five people were killed in the gunfight and seven were wounded.

The Abu Sayyaf still has a number of foreign hostages in captivity, as well as Filipino nationals.

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