2-Year-Old Pit Bull Brutally Attacked By Neighbor Who Hates His Breed


A 2-year-old pit bull living in Los Angeles is recovering after he was reportedly attacked by a neighbor, who allegedly slashed him ear-to-ear with a knife and struck his head with a shovel for no other reason than because he hates his breed.

Spartacus, who has been described as the “sweetest dog in the world,” had to endure two hours in surgery in which he received about 1,000 stitches for his injuries.

“It almost looks like they tried to cut his head off, it’s ear-to-ear,” Pet Care Veterinary Center Office Manager Alex Kyrklund told KTLA. “He seriously almost looks like an autopsy victim.”

Kyrklund says Spartacus came into her office bleeding, but that once she realized she was in a safe place, she just wagged her tail. She is currently staying with a foster family until her family waits for LAPD Animal Cruelty Task Force to apprehend the person who committed this cruel crime, reports the Daily Mail.

Authorities say they suspect the family’s neighbor was the attacker, and that he acted with such violence simply because he doesn't like pit bulls.

Ghetto Rescue FFoundation, an organization that is helping Spartacus’ family with vet costs, posted on its Facebook page: “Spartacus did nothing wrong, except to be born as a breed hated by some. His family has loved him a long time. We are all thinking of Spartacus with big tears and heavy hearts.”

Sources: KTLA, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Facebook


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