Woman Beaten For Wearing Star Of David Necklace


A woman wearing a Star of David necklace was allegedly attacked while walking through a Muslim neighborhood in the city of Uppsala.

Reports say that Anna Sjögren was attacked on August 14 while she was walking through the Gottsunda neighborhood of Uppsala. A Muslim girl allegedly saw Sjögren walk by with the necklace and spit on her. Sjögren pushed the girl in defense, and suddenly, a group of Muslim teens wearing scarves with Palestinian colors began to attack her after one threw a sharp object at her face.

“I’m not sure who it was. Everything happened so fast,” said Sjögren. “One of the attackers signaled me to ‘Shut up or we’ll kill you.’ There were at least ten witnesses to the attack. All ten of them were wearing hijabs or scarfs in the colors of the PLO. Some surrounding witnesses claim that I ‘tripped’ and fell and that no one hurt me. It’s just unbelievable.”


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(via The Algemeiner)


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(via The Algemeiner)

The woman’s jaw was so severely damaged that she couldn’t speak following the attack. Her eyes were also swollen shut and she sustained serious injuries all over the rest of her body. So far, Sjögren has yet to go to police.

“I cannot go to the police,” said Sjögren. “The worst thing is that [the assailants] will get my name and address. They’ll know where to find me and know I am the Jew who reported it.”

Sjögren says she refuses to take off the Star of David necklace and staunchly defends Israel amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Sources: The Algemeiner, JTA, Haaretz


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