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Swedish ‘Serial Killer’ Sture Bergwall Might Be Freed Because Crimes Were Made Up

After telling police in the ‘90s that he had raped, killed and eaten dozens of people, a Swedish man was convicted of murdering eight people, including three children. Now, Sture Bergwall aka Thomas Quick could be getting out of jail because prosecutors have accepted that he is a fantasist and that all of the alleged crimes were made up.

Following a decade behind bars, Bergwall began to say that he had made up Quick, the serial killer, as a cry for help. Police really only had his confessions as evidence and courts began to exonerate his convictions one by one.

Prosecutors recently withdrew the final outstanding case. Charles Zelmanovits’ remains were discovered in 1993 but the only thing that connected Bergwall to the case was the strength of his testimony.

“That a person has been convicted of eight murders and later been declared innocent, that is unique in Swedish legal history,” said attorney general Anders Perklev. “It has to be considered as a big failure for the justice system.”

Psychiatric evaluators are now going to decide whether 63-year-old Bergwall should be released, The Independent reported.

Bergwall said in an interview that when he invented Quick, he was feeling lost and battling feelings of low self-worth.

“I had burned so many bridges, and I was plunged into this profound loneliness,” he said. “I wanted to be this interesting person. I didn’t want to be this grey bad person. I wanted to be something else.”

Sources: The Independent, MSN Now


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