Swedish Prisoner Escapes From Jail To See A Dentist, Then Turns Himself Back In


A man being held at a prison in Sweden couldn’t take the pain in his mouth anymore and broke out to go see a dentist.

The inmate was serving a one-month sentence at the minimum-security Ostragard facility and said he had complained to prison officials about the pain in his mouth, according to MSN.

After apparently not getting the help he felt he needed, the prisoner broke out of jail and went to a nearby dentist for treatment. He had an inflamed tooth removed and then turned himself back in to the police.

Naharnet reported that the breakout took place when the 51-year-old prisoner had just two days left before he was slated to be released from prison.

"My whole face was swollen," the man told the Dagens Nyheter newspaper. "I just couldn't stand it anymore."

Although his electronic tag went off after he escaped from the prison, jail staff were unable to locate him.

After seeing the dentist, he called the police, who drove him back to the prison, The Local noted.

The man’s one-month sentence was increased by a day after prison officials decided to discount the day of the incident from his time served. The man has since been released.

"Now I only have to pay the dentist bill," he said.

Sources: MSN, Naharnet, The Local


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