Swedes Criticize American Apparel For Sexist "Unisex" Ad

The use of half-naked women in American Apparel's latest advertisement for unisex shirts has received complaints of sexism in Sweden.

The ad gained attention when 24-year-old student Emelie Eriksson posted about it on her blog. She said that American Apparel's marketing scheme represented a "twisted and degrading view of women."

Eriksson described women who wore no pants, lounged on beds and even those who wore nothing but the "unisex" shirt.

"We don't think there is anything in these photos of synch with our standards," a spokesperson said, "Unfortunately, some bloggers have confused an artisitc photo shoot wich accompany the pages with a product of shot and controversy erupted as a result."

Commenters on Eriksson's blog responded with shock.

"Oh my god, it just gets worse once you click the link." One said, "I just don't get it."

Eriksson condemned American Apparel's advertisements: "They want to be seen and they know that sex sells, but they don't think about how degrading these pictures are for women."

Sources: Business Insider, The Local


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