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SWAT Teams Called After Woman Allegedly Stole $8.50 In Groceries (Video)

SWAT teams were called after an unarmed woman allegedly stole $8.50 worth of groceries in Arbutus, Maryland, on April 7.

Baltimore County Police Corporal John Wachter told CBS Baltimore that security guards at a Giant grocery store caught the unidentified woman allegedly stealing hair products and chips (video below).

"They took her back to the loss prevention office, but she ran off when they found some needles in her purse. She ran to the back of the store, up onto a catwalk and then disappeared into the ceiling," Wachter stated.

After seven hours of the SWAT team on site and a mandatory evacuation of the store, authorities got the alleged shoplifter out of the ceiling. She was taken to a local hospital.

Shoppers were in shock and expressed their support for the police evacuation of the store.

In April 2014, police were called to a school in Baltimore which was evacuated after some students claimed they saw an intruder with a weapon, noted WBAL. The intruder turned out to be two students from a nearby college whose "weapon" was a camera tripod. The college students were filming for an assignment.

The Sentinel Newspaper reported in July 2014 that data from the Maryland Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention found that 93 percent of SWAT team deployments by Montgomery County Police Department were for simple search warrants.

Sources: CBS Baltimore, WBAL, The Sentinel Newspaper
Image Credit: CBS Baltimore Screenshot


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