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SWAT Raids Murder Suspect's Home After She Planted A Bomb In Front Of A Man's Home

Authorities have arrested an Emirati woman who stabbed an American teacher to death in an Abu Dhabi mall and planted a homemade bomb in front of an Egyptian-American doctor’s home.

The minister of the interior for the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed al Nahyan, said in a press conference on Thursday that the attacker was an Emirati woman in her late 30s.

CCTV cameras in the Bourik Mall caught the suspect going into a restroom and leaving an hour later, suggesting that the attack was planned. Witnesses told MailOnline that they overheard a woman threaten to kill another woman and that’s when someone ran to get security.

Once security arrived at the scene, they saw 47-year-old Ibolya Ryan laying in a pool of her own blood; witnesses said the kindergarten teacher and mother-of-two was stabbed about six times. The suspect left behind the murder weapon, a large kitchen knife, and calmly fled the scene.

Sheikh Saif said that about an hour later, the burka-wearing suspect made her way to the doctor’s home and left a small black suitcase in front of his door. When the son of the Muslim Egyptian-American doctor noticed the peculiar suitcase in front of their home, he quickly told his father who then notified the authorities.

Police rushed to the scene, evacuated the area and successfully dismantled the homemade bomb. Colonel Rashid Bourshid, head of the criminal investigation department, told MailOnline that the bomb was made of “small gas cylinders, a lighter, glue, and nails to cause maximum injuries when detonated.”

More CCTV footage caught the suspect's vehicle, a white SUV with the United Arab Emirates flag draped across its rear window. Despite the suspect's attempt to disguise her license plate, authorities were able to track her down.

Dramatic video footage was released on Thursday of the SWAT team’s raid of the suspect’s home. In the video, SWAT is seen forcing a man onto the floor at gunpoint and taking the woman away in handcuffs. The video also shows pictures of homemade bombs throughout the suspect's home and pictures of blood on the steering wheel of the white SUV.

Sheikh Saif said they are still investigating the motive behind the suspect’s terrorizing actions. He believes that the woman did not know her victims and targeted them based on their nationalities.

After the murder of Ibolya Ryan, America’s embassy in Abu Dhabi released a statement encouraging U.S. citizens in the region to take extra precaution. It did not link the murder to an anonymous threat made on a jihadist website in October, encouraging attacks on school teachers at American and other international schools in the Middle East.

Source: MailOnline / Photo Credit: Screenshot from MailOnline


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