SWAT Team Raids Kalamazoo Home Looking For Drug Dealer And Terrifies Innocent Family

A SWAT team in Kalamazoo, Michigan raided a home they believed housed a drug dealer named Chum, but instead of bringing a wanted criminal to justice, they completely terrified an innocent family.

According to reports, Kalamazoo police were looking for the man called Chum, and they went to the home of the Handley family because the drug dealer had rented there a year prior. Officers had no idea that the drug dealer hadn’t lived there in a year, and the family had no idea that a drug dealer had ever lived there to begin with, so needless to say, both were in for a shock.

“I thought it was somebody either trying to rob us, or hurt us,” said Jeremy Handley of the police raiding their home.

The Handley children, 7-year-old Brenden and 8-year-old Aurora, said that since the incident, they have had nightmares about the man police call Chum.

“We were staying quiet because we thought they were bad guys coming in,” said Brenden of the police raid.

“One dream was about Chum coming in our house with a gun, saying, ‘Get on the ground,’” said Aurora. “It made me sad and scared.”

After handcuffing the parents and subsequently letting them go, officers left the home without finding any drugs or being any closer to knowing the whereabouts of Chum. They did, however, give the two children stuffed teddy bears to console them and apologized to the parents for the three hour raid.

Now, Jeremy and Becky say they want the police department to fix their broken door and offer the children counseling. Kalamazoo police say they are currently investigating the incident.


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