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SWAT Team Raids Wrong House, Pays For Damages

Two police departments in Wyoming are paying a homeowner for damages after raiding the wrong house on a drug warrant.

A joint SWAT team from the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office and Green River Police Department executed the search warrant on March 3, breaking a window and throwing a flash bang grenade into a home in Green River.

In a joint press release issued by the police departments, authorities said they believed the suspects inside were armed.

When police realized their mistake, they moved one block over to the house they intended to raid, and found methamphetamine and guns, the Green River Police Department said. Cops said they arrested "multiple individuals," but did not provide details about the arrests or the charges filed.

Green River police and the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office reached out to the owners of the first house and coordinated the repair of damaged property, according to Wyo4News. Police did not put a dollar amount on how much damage they caused, and it wasn't clear if the owners were home when officers broke in to their house.

A separate report on SweetwaterNOW said neither the police departments, nor Wyoming's Department of Criminal Investigations, which requested the raid, returned calls seeking comment on how police made the mistake of targeting the wrong house.

Sources: Wyo4News, SweetwaterNOW / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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