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SWAT Team Destroys Iraq Vet Sgt. Matthew Corrigan's Home Looking for Guns

One member of the United States Armed Forces got an unusual welcome home from the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington D.C.

They sent a SWAT team and an explosive ordnance disposal team to Army Sgt. Matthew Corrigan’s Northwest quadrant home to reclaim what was supposedly an unregistered handgun, according to the Washington Times.

Police arrested Corrigan, an Iraq war veteran, and searched his house without a warrant. The cops got a tip from a National Veterans Crisis Hotline operator -- who called 911 without Corrigan’s permission -- and said the vet “has a gun and wants to kill himself.”

“The gun’s actually on his lap,” the operator said, according to 911 transcripts.

Corrigan insists that he never said anything of the sort and only called the hotline because he was having trouble sleeping due to recurring nightmares caused by his time in Fallujah and exposure to IEDs. The police search seems to confirm Corrigan’s version of events as he had no weapons on him at the time. His two pistols and rifle were hidden beneath the laundry and in closets.

You can see pictures of the damage caused to Corrigan’s apartment during the police search below. The young drill sergeant is currently filing suit against the Metropolitan Police Department for violation of his Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure.

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