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SWAT Team Confines Reporter to his Apartment (Video)

The website is famous, or infamous, for its conspiracy theories like the U.S. government turning the country into a police state.

That theory became partly true for reporter Jakari Jackson, who heard a door being beat on loudly at about 5:30 a.m. this morning outside his Austin, Texas., apartment.

Jackson also heard a loudspeaker declaring a warrant was being served and small "bang" type explosions.

Jackson had a video camera rolling when he opened his front door to find police officers outside an apartment across from his home (video below). describes the officers as "enraged SWAT members."

On the ground, there appeared to be two men handcuffed.

A member of the SWAT team yelled at Jackson: "In your apartment! Get inside your apartment!"

Jackson truthfully replied: “I am in my apartment, sir."

Another SWAT member yelled: "Get back inside, right now!"

"Sir, I am inside! This is my door. I’m standing right inside my apartment. Sir, I am inside my apartment," Jackson yelled back.

A SWAT member then slammed Jackson's door shut, which technically confined the reporter to his home.

Jackson could not say what the raid was about, but took pictures of his neighbor's battered door.

According to, Austin Homeland Security, which includes FBI and local police, is performing drills throughout the city.  But it is unknown whether this incident was a drill or the real thing.

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