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SWAT Team Bursts Into Video Gamer’s Room After Prank Call (Video)

An armed SWAT team burst into an office in Littleton, Colo., after getting a false report of an "active shooter" on Wednesday afternoon.

Nearby schools were placed on lockdown, while local businesses were evacuated as part of the police response.

The victim of the "swatting" prank was an online gamer who uses the handle "Kootra." A live feed from his computer captured dramatic video (below) of the SWAT team coming in.

According to 7NEWS, Kootra appears to hear something outside the room and says, "Uh oh, this isn't good. They're clearing rooms. What in the world? I think we're getting swatted."

Moments later, the SWAT team enters the room with guns drawn and scream at Kootra to get on the floor. Kootra was handcuffed, questioned by officers and eventually released.

The Littleton Police Department released a statement, "The caller claimed to have shot two co-workers, held others hostage, and threatened to shoot them. He stated that if the officers entered he would shoot them as well. There were no victims or any evidence that a shooting had taken place. If the investigation determines that today’s incident was a hoax, those involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

The unidentified caller reportedly used a landline. Several gamers have been questioned by police, but no one has been arrested yet.

“There’s a somewhat, not really common, prank that happens,” Daniel Gidlow, who is part of a video gamers group called The Creatures, told KDVR. “While we’re live streaming to thousands of people, somebody calls the cops.”

Kootra is reportedly a member of The Creatures.

Sources: KDVR, 7NEWS


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