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Swarms Of Millipedes May Be Responsible for Australian Train Collision

Swarms of black Portuguese millipedes are believed to be the ca of a rear-end train collision Tuesday in Australia.

A train pulling into a station at Clarkson slammed into the back on a stationary train. Six passengers were treated for neck injuries.

"Millipedes are one of the factors we are going to take into account," David Hynes, the spokesman at the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia, told Reuters.

Hundreds of insects were found swashed on the tracks.

“What happened in previous instances is trains which were travelling at speed have gone over an infestation, crushed them and made the tracks slimy," Hynes said. "The train loses traction and the train has slipped."

In 2009, millipedes, attracted to moist environments, covered 1.2 miles of track and cause massive train delays and cancellation near Melbourne.

Sources: Reuters, MSN Now


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