Suzanne Welker and Ernest Gonzales have Oral Sex Driving on Highway, Cops Called

Suzanne Welker was allegedly performing oral sex on Ernest Gonzales while he was driving his SUV on I-95, on Sunday, when Louis Carr saw the couple and followed them with his girlfriend, Kristin Broughman, and 3-year-old son in the car, reports the Daily Mail.

Carr told WJX-TV: "[Welker] looked across me about that time, she jumped up in the seat bare butt, mooned us through the window."

Gonzales then followed Carr to his parent's bar called the 'Redneck Country Club,' near Jacksonville, Florida.

Broughman told WJX-TV: "We didn't think they were going to pull all the way in because they stopped at the gate, and then I guess they decided they were still going to come in. And they came all the way in. That's when the cops were called and everything went crazy."

Welker and Gonzales got out of their car and approached Carr in his vehicle, who could see Welker holding a semiautomatic handgun.

Broughman said that Welker thought that they had taken pictures of the couple in the sex act, which they had not.

Welker and Gonzales left the bar parking lot after a bar employee confronted them, but the couple was later arrested in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

The Florida Times-Union reports they were charged with indecent exposure and aggravated assault.

Carr told the Florida Times-Union: "They should do that stuff behind closed doors. It had clear glass windows, what do you expect? There's a place and time for that, and it's not driving down the interstate doing 70."

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