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Walmart Refused to Give Suzanne Nassie a Refund After Selling Her a Fake iPad

When Massachusetts woman Suzanne Nassie left her local Walmart recently, she thought she was walking out with a new iPad. It turned out that she was leaving with a piece of plastic painted to look like a real tablet.

Nassie figured out there was a problem the second she opened the shrink-wrapped package. “This isn't even a real device,” she said after opening the container. “Somebody put a phony device in that box.” Even though there was no cord and no way to turn the tablet on, no one at Walmart would let her speak to a manager about a refund, at least at first. Nassie was told that she should contact Apple.  

The lack of a cord wasn’t the only problem. “There's a speaker that's supposed to be on the back, it's just little painted dots,” Nassie said. “When I peered inside at the port on the back where you’re supposed to charge it, it’s just plastic. No metal prongs or anything of that nature.”

According to The Daily Mail, Walmart's management eventually apologized and offered a full refund.

Walmarts in other states besides Massachusetts have also sold phony iPads. Customers have reported buying fake devices at stores in New Jersey, Florida, and Texas.

A Walmart spokesperson addressed Nassie’s situation:

“It’s frustrating that someone would try to take advantage of others for their own gain. We have apologized to our customer and offered her a full refund. We’re still working to understand how this could have happened and are actively reviewing our transactional records and surveillance video to determine how this product ended up on our shelves. If a customer is purchasing an iPad at this store, they are welcome to open the product to confirm the right product is in the box after making the purchase.”

Source: (The Daily Mail)


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