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Suzanne Lee Kraus Forges Dog's Painkiller Prescription, Takes it Herself

Police arrested a woman in Palm Beach County, Fla., after it was found that she was forging prescription painkillers for her dog and taking the pills herself.

Suzanne Lee Kraus, 41, stole the prescription pads from the veterinarian who euthanized her dog months ago. She then filled out the pads to get 240 Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen pills from Walgreens.

The prescription was made out to "Higgins Canine Kraus," and the pharmacy filled the prescription on nine occasions. But it was after the ninth time that the pharmacist became suspicious and called the veterinarian, Dr. Jean Burns.

When the pharmacy called Dr. Burns, Burns immediately knew it was fraud because she recalled euthanizing her dog. She also said acetaminophen was toxic to dogs and would have never been prescribed.

After conducting a two-month investigation, Kraus was arrested outside Coral Ridge Animal Hospital where she worked as a receptionist.

The officer said he had records of her visiting Walgreens around the time the prescriptions were filled.

Kraus began crying and told deputies she couldn't afford health insurance and that she needed the pills for her back pain.

The deputy said Kraus also smelled of alcohol when she was arrested.

He told her, "Listen, this is the time to help yourself."

She said she sustained back injuries from horse riding and playing sports. She told the deputy she took three blank prescription sheets from Burns' office.

"Kraus began to cry and stated she knew what she was doing was wrong but she needed the pain medicine," a report said.

She was arrested and booked in Palm Beach County Jail, but was released Tuesday on $40,500 bail. Kraus faces charges of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, prescription forgery and theft.

Sources: NY Daily News, Sun Sentinel


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