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SUV Falls 50 Feet Over Guardrail and Onto Street Below, All Passengers Survive

Three people miraculously survived a 50 foot fall in an SUV in Atlanta, Ga. after the driver experienced a medical emergency and drove the car off a guardrail on the side of the Martin Luther King Jr. Drive bridge.

It happened around 6 p.m. on Wednesday between Centennial Olympic Park Drive and Spring Street. 

The car was a Jeep Liberty and was traveling eastbound on the road when the driver turned the car left and crashed through the guardrail, causing the car to plummet 50 feet and nearly land right-side up on the road below.

The three people in the car were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital and are in stable condition with only minor injuries. The front passenger did have to be taken out by the Atlanta Fire Department as their door wouldn't open.

"It was quite a drop and there was substantial damage to the vehicle," Police Spokesman Officer John Chafee said. 

Witnesses were in disbelief at the drop and that the passengers survive.

"That is traumatic. I've never seen nothing like that in my life," a witness said.

"I'm surprised that they did live," a tow truck driver said. "A lot of the time [when] we pick them up, they don't live … [and] this is about the worst one I've seen."

The driver was said to be driving without a license.

Sources: NY Daily News,AJC


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