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Suspended New York Cop Arrested For Third Time In Less Than A Year

A suspended New York City police officer has run afoul of the law for the third time in less than a year after she crashed her motorcycle and was found to be carrying drugs, a recent police report says. 

According to the report obtained by the Staten Island Advance, 29-year-old Stacey Staniland lost control of her motorcycle during a turn on July 1 and slammed into two vehicles that were stopped at a red light. 

While retrieving her ID from her backpack, a responding officer spotted drug paraphernalia including a syringe and a silver spoon, the report says. Police allege a subsequent search of her belongings turned up four and a half pills of the anti-anxiety drug clonazepam, which is commonly marketed as Klonopin. She had “no proof of prescription” for the controlled substance, the report says. 

The cop, whose motorcycle helmet reads “Little Miss Dangerous,” was charged with criminal possession of a hypodermic needle, misdemeanor drug possession and driving an unregistered motorcycle. She was cuffed and driven away from the scene by an NYPD Internal Affairs investigator, reports the New York Post.

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The arrest comes less than two months after police arrested her in May and charged her with drug possession while she was on duty in Brooklyn, according to the Advance. 

Before that, she had been arrested in December 2014 following an Internal Affairs investigation into allegations that she broke into the apartment of her boyfriend’s mother. 

Authorities believe she broke into the woman’s home on Nov. 25 and stole jewelry that she later sold at a pawn shop, according to the Daily Mail. 

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Both of those cases are still pending, the Advance reports. 

Unnamed law enforcement sources who spoke to the New York Post said Staniland has been suspended without pay and has been stripped of her gun and badge. 

Sources: Staten Island Advance, New York Post, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Social media via Daily Mail


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