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Keith Olbermann's 1st Fill-in Chris Hayes Made Contributions Too

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By Dave Levinthal

An interesting subplot to MSNBC talk show host Keith Olbermann's suspension for making campaign contributions to three Democratic political candidates involves the man initially tapped to replace him: Chris Hayes, Washington editor of The Nation and an MSNBC contributor.

MSNBC quickly reconsidered its decision to insert Hayes into Olbermann's slot, perhaps in part because of this story in September by's own Megan R. Wilson, who discovered that Hayes was among dozens of identifiable reporters, editors and other news professionals to have this election cycle made political contributions.

In the story, Hayes tells Wilson that he made a $250 to Josh Segall, a Democratic candidate in Alabama 3rd Congressional District, because of "personal admiration" for a man he considers a good friend.

In August, OpenSecrets Blog also reported that all major news companies themselves play politics to some degree.


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