Suspects Returns to the Scene of the Crime Where Homeowner Was Waiting with Gun


They say that a criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. That proved to be the undoing of suspects Kenneth Seay, Brittany Seay and Christopher Kuykendall.

According to reports, a homeowner in Crossville, Ala., had a bit of bad luck when his home was burglarized. The homeowner was attempting to clean up the mess the next day when he heard people talking outside.

"When he went to the door he found three offenders trying to break into his camper beside the house," said DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris. The homeowner was not about to become a victim a second time, so he phoned the police, grabbed his gun and went to confront the three would-be thieves. The homeowner somehow managed to control the situation until police arrived, despite being outnumbered.

The authorities threw the suspects into a squad car. After further investigation, the police discovered the thieves’ car and found the homeowner’s property from the first burglary still inside. Few robbery victims are lucky enough to enjoy such swift and thorough justice.

In retrospect, the thieves probably should not have returned to the scene of the crime with a car full of evidence.

The three suspects were each charged with third-degree burglary. They are fortunate they did not get charged a second time for attempting to commit the same crime again.

The authorities were not particularly thrilled with the whole event.

"We always hope that the homeowner has the opportunity to call the Sheriff's Office or 911 first," Harris said. "You have the rights by law to protect your family and your property. This homeowner did this and we were able to make the arrest. We are just glad that no one was injured in this situation."

Of course, the homeowner would not have needed to call the police officers if they had done their job after the first robbery and caught the suspects.

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