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Suspected Phone Thieves Take Selfies, Appear In Victim's iCloud (Photos)

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A Pennsylvania woman whose cell phone and other valuables were stolen while at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, was outraged after discovering that "selfies" taken by the alleged thieves appeared in her iCloud. 

“I'm fuming right now,” Kelly Jones wrote in a Facebook post. “My family takes a trip to Cedar Point every year. This year I accidentally left my back pack on a bench ... realizing it, went back to get it and it was gone. Police recovered my bag but gone were my ID, credit cards, 35 mm camera, tickets to the park for the next day and both my cell phone and Tom’s.”

Jones filed a police report, and authorities were able to locate her bag. However, her valuables were gone.

“I just felt really violated,” she said. "I was really upset, crying. It really put a damper on the weekend.”

When Jones returned home from her trip, she was browsing her iPad when she discovered photos of strangers that appeared through her Apple iCloud. The photos appeared to show several teenagers giving the middle finger to the camera and laughing. 

“I think that they deserve to be prosecuted,” she said of the individual or individuals who stole her belongings. “I know probably not a lot would happen, but I think they need to be taught a lesson that you should not do this.”

Sources: Fox 8, News Net 5 / Photo credit:,


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