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Suspected of Killing His Mom Over Student Loan Debt, John Conrad Wagner Kills Himself

John Conrad Wagner was found dead in his Philadelphia apartment from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Wagner was beginning to emerge as a top suspect in the shooting death of his mother Carolyn. She was killed in December. Her death happened just 15 months after Wagner’s father Roger died during a hiking accident. Wagner was with his father at the time so many are now questioning how accidental that death really was.

Wagner was on trip with his father at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington in 2011. He said that he and his father were walking along a trail at the top of a canon when his father stopped to take pictures and slipped. He fell 40 feet into a stream. Roger's body was found downstream from a massive waterfall. It was ruled an accidental death.

Wagner was a lawyer. Authorities think that he killed his mother because of the financial pressures he was facing because of his student loans. He believed that it was going to take him 20 years to pay back the loans. Police theorize that Wager thought that if he killed his mother, he would stand to inherit all of her assets and bank accounts, reports The Daily Mail. He was overlooking claims for firms representing pharmaceutical companies at the time of his death.

After his dad died, Wagner refused to talk about, even with his mother.

“It did bother her,” said Carolyn’s friend Patty Batsch. “I think she did have questions. She said when the time is right she was going to try and talk to him about it.”

She also was aware of Wagner’s financial issues.

“Carolyn was hopeful that he would get married, settle down and get a permanent job. It's just that he had some student-loan debt that was heavy. It was taking up a lot of his salary. He just felt like he couldn't.”

Source: (The Daily Mail)


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