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Suspected Of Killing Her Girlfriend, Jessica Gonzalez Commits ‘Suicide-By-Cop’

A California woman suspected of killing her girlfriend was shot to death by police after she pulled a toy gun on officers who were on patrol.

Friends of 35-year-old Jessica Gonzalez believe her death was the result of “suicide-by-cop.” According to authorities, Gonzalez approached two officers with the toy gun in an alley. Not realizing the gun was a fake, the officers opened fire. Gonzalez was taken to a local hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

Gonzalez had been on the move after allegedly killing her girlfriend of 13 years, 44-year-old Jennifer Solorio, outside of the couple’s apartment on Thursday afternoon, The Daily Mail reported.

“Jessica and Jennifer have been together 13 years and Jennifer had a friend over for like, two days, said neighbor Edgar Lopez. "[Jessica] thought that [Jennifer] was cheating on her.”

Witnesses said Solario was trying to leave the building with a box of clothing when Gonzalez shot her four times.

Gonzalez’ friend, Sonia Martinez, said she spent Saturday with the alleged killer.

“I seen [sic] her yesterday. As a matter of fact, I had her with me all day yesterday,” Martinez said. “When everything was on the run, I had her with me. I didn’t care. She was a sweetheart that snapped.”

She added: “Jessica wanted to kill herself. She laid right there with Jennifer, but she didn’t have anymore guns ... no bullets.”

Licha McLellen said that Gonzalez was her sister.

“We loved her. She was a human, and we know that she’s resting in peace right now,” she said.

Sources: The Daily Mail, The LA Times


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