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Suspected DUI Does Cartwheels During Her Sobriety Test (Video)

Bryelle Marshall was asked to perform a sobriety test by police on Feb. 17 for suspected drunk driving in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The 23-year-old woman did cartwheels instead (video below).

According to The City of Albuquerque website, police were called regarding a black Volkswagon sedan that was driving recklessly. When they found the car parked in a mobile home's driveway, but protruding into a bike lane.

According to police, Bryelle Marshall appeared to be passed out in the driver's seat of the vehicle, notes the Albuquerque Journal. They had her step out of the car, and asked the 23-year-old to perform sobriety tests.

Marshall, who appeared to be swaying, "put her hands in the air and completed two cartwheels while I was attempting to demonstrate and instruct the field sobriety test," an officer wrote in his report.

The officer told Marshall that if she did another cartwheel she would be arrested.

"While facing the wrong direction, as she had done prior, Bryelle again raised her hands up and while I was instructing she again did a cartwheel and fell to the ground," the officer wrote.

Marshall allegedly struck a police officer in the back during one of her cartwheels.

After Marshall was taken to Prisoner Transport Center in downtown Albuquerque, she allegedly attempted to kick an officer in the groin.

The City of Albuquerque website states that Marshall was arrested and charged with battery, aggravated DWI, and an expired license plate. The city also complimented its police:

Officers on-scene were extremely patient with Marshall, giving her several opportunities to complete the required tests. Based on the observations officers made of Marshall's sobriety this situation could have been a lot worse.

DWI is a serious offense and officers take this very serious. It is unfortunate decisions are made to drive after drinking.

Sources: Albuquerque JournalCity of Albuquerque / Photo Credit: City of Albuquerque

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