Suspected Cockfighter Under Siege by Seagal


Steven Seagal rides in on a tank, trailed by a line of armored cars. The tank reaches its target, and with one mighty shove, it levels the tall security fence. Seagal jumps out, flanked by the sheriff and his deputies, dust billowing around them. Seagal races to guard the far side of the house as police swarm the premises.

Did you think you were reading a promo for Under Siege 3? Try the real-life bust of Jesus Llovera, the suspected leader of a cockfighting ring. Action star and longtime PETA supporter Steven Seagal does not take kindly to cruelty to animals and was more than happy to help his pal, Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio—himself an outspoken cruelty-to-animals foe—who  was serving a search warrant for Llovera's home.

Seagal and Sheriff Arpaio found 130 roosters and cockfighting paraphernalia. Animal control took custody of the animals, and Llovera, who was still on probation after being arrested at a cockfight, was charged with 115 counts of raising birds with the intent to fight them.

Even if I ever did entertain the notion of abusing animals, one look at a Seagal aikido swing coming at me would change my mind real quick. Animal abusers, you've been warned.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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