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Crips Vs. Bloods: Suspected Bloods Gang Member Makes Teacher Change Pen Colors (Video)

A newly-surfaced video, posted recently on various websites, appears to show a suspected member of the Bloods street gang intimidating a school teacher, because the teacher is using the wrong color pen. 

A story about the video from the Daily Mail speculates that the student in the footage (shown below) is upset because the teacher is writing the lesson in blue pen, the color of the Bloods’ rival gang, the Crips.

“What is this?” the student asks the teacher. 

“Why is it blue?” shouts another from the classroom’s seats. 

The student in front of the class takes what appears to be a virtual eraser from the teacher’s hand and erases the blue portion of the lesson from the electronic screen. 

“Write that in red,” a student can be heard saying, referencing the traditional color of the Bloods. 

The teacher then grabs a different pen and the student returns to his seat.

“Is he doing it? Is he doing it?” someone can be heard asking.

“He’s putting it in black man, he’s cool,” another student says as the teacher returns to what appears to be a geometry lesson, using a black pen. 

It is unclear where or when the apparent cellphone video was shot. 

Bloods and Crips are Los Angeles street gangs. Their violent feud of more than four decades is estimated to have left thousands dead and has been the subject of numerous movies and rap songs over the years. 

Although some former gang members are working these days to put an end to the violence, the rivalry continues, according to a recent story from Sky News. 

That story estimates the feud, which began in the 1970s, is one of the nation’s bloodiest and longest-running gang wars.

Sources: Daily MailLiveLeakSky News / Photo Credit: Screen shot via Daily Mail


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