Suspected Anthrax Attack at London Mosque


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ENGAGE highlights a disturbing story reported by The Islington Gazette about a suspected anthrax attack at Finsbury Park Mosque. The lack of attention this episode has received from the mainstream media is equally as disturbing.

“A package containing a suspicious white powder, an anti-Islamic message and offensive pictures of Muslim women was posted to the Imam of the mosque, in St Thomas’s Road, Finsbury Park, on Thursday.

Staff called the police, who closed Rock Street and the mosque, leaving 150 people who turned up for prayers out on the street. After testing the substance, police found it to be harmless.

Mohammed Kozbar, manager of the mosque, said: “The letter was addressed to Imam Ahmad Saad, who opened it. He was very scared because he saw the white powder, like anyone would be in that situation.

“Police closed the mosque for about four hours, and kept all the staff inside to test them for Anthrax.

“We are all very disturbed by this because it comes so close to our fourth annual open day on June 26.”

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